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Maintenance How To Remove The Fairings Of Your 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3

Maintenance How To Remove The Fairings Of Your 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3

all right everybody warned on an x-ray today I’m going to show you how to take the plastics off of your of a 1998 CBR 600 f3 all right first things first get your flat-head screwdriver you come right here next to the oil dipstick this black circle and you stick your screwdriver in there and switch it to open that’s oh yeah should just be coming up like that then you just go ahead and start pulling it off and needless to say be careful of the plastic tab there’s no actual screws that hold us in hold the sim there’s a little tab right there I think that one’s broke off on the Sun but you just you normally just get a screwdriver or something push that down and then pull it out the tab right right here come down each night Ricky doing this one and then it just pops off just like that after you got that in a safe place or it’s not going to get any scratches on it you get your size 5 Allen getting right through that sighs buff I’m not sure whether it’s metric or what but come right up here to this the sky this Gil piece right here and start undoing these bolts undo this and this bolt then once ,yamaha r6 fairings,you got those bolts out um as you can see it’s busted off right here I didn’t that’s not from the crash that’s from the previous owner.

I guess he didn’t really take his time to figure out how these couple things came off I just but normally you’d lift up and pull out but in this case just swings right out has a two hinges right there on the inside just go in there yeah and that comes away uh and then after that’s out of the way you can start doing undoing all these little um size five Allen screws all right here um that are in here and there’s quite a few of them there barely on there but first before you take those out you need to come down the bottom right here behind the front tire and get your screwdriver again and undo this screw which is a little hard to get in here and that pretty much just comes out with one two turn that’s like a special really weird-looking kind of screw and set that aside make sure you keep that plastic washer on it ,r1 fairings,so doesn’t scratch them okay so now you take your one two three drop for set these aside and now up six right up here about six and seven right up there at the tongue she’s got all seven of the screws out with the little lift there’s two plastic tabs right up here at the seal and I think T right here as well so be careful not to break those not like the these plastic tab but they’re just like like the ones that go in here just little extensions .

so you come off just like that that’s what I’m talking about those little tabs right there and you got your side piece and one half naked bike see this 0um normally have a bolt right here and another one on the other side as well but I took them out because they have a has a plastic clip so it doesn’t really as you can see it doesn’t really need the bolts and they’re just a big pain the bolts were so to get the seat off you know flat head and you can’t see that can just reach in here push in the plastic piece once you pop on you just pull this back and up and then your seat comes off and then here’s your battery right here take these two bolts out not just flips up here’s the compartment ,2015 r1 fairings,where your owners manual and tools would normally would be but you can put whatever you want in there as well and now at this point once you get the seat off all you have to do is repeat these steps on the other side except for this middle piece.

you can leave it halfway attach it off to you can if you want but I don’t I just leave it attached to one side I leave the bolt right here on this side in um so that just stays attached it makes it makes it easier when you put it back on already having this on here,cheap motorcycle fairings, all right on the other side now I already got this and the seat off and this off this piece right here so now one last little boat a little gentle pulling make sure you get that as the kickstand still got the centerpiece on it and congratulations you have just taken the fairings off of your 1998 Honda CBR 600 f3



this past weekend I had the pleasure of going to Charlotte North Carolina for the NBA all-star weekend and while I was there good folks over at Jordan Brand dropped off a small little package for me at my room so of course I wanted to share it with you guys and this is actually something that I’m pretty excited about I’m not exactly sure how it is going to be received because it is so different than what we expect from Jordan Brand but that’s kind of why I really like it because it is so different as sneaker heads we often kind of get in a in a phase where we like what we like and it’s always something that we’ve kind of seen before but this shoe breaks that mold something entirely new so with that being said let’s jump right inside now I don’t know if this is the retail box but it does get more of like a sportswear vibe which kind of actually fits with this shoe as you see here it says jump man on the front then it says zero zero zero and then it says 23 and then you have that same sort of number and logo around the box and then the box is just a regular brown and black but it does have these plus signs which is not something that we usually see on a Jordan box now based on this tag this is just a promo pair this is not necessarily the retail box or retail tag for that matter but this is a promo tag just so you know there so let’s take a look inside and then again here on the Box Jumpman zero zero zero two three inspired by greatness designed for flight if that doesn’t kind of tell you what the shoe is maybe it does maybe it doesn’t but let’s hop right into it here we go now we actually got a preview of this back in September or October .

I think it was this is the Jordan proto max 720 I think they’re officially they’re officially calling it yet the Jordan proto max 720 as most of you guys know let me take both these out of the box here 720 is Nikes new air technology that they’ve been doing that baby and it’s taking more of like a sportswear slant as opposed to a performance slant the 720 is really purely a lifestyle offering from Nike and in this case a lifestyle offering from Jordan brand and you see that on this sneaker so a couple of things first obviously the red and black is a traditional Jordan Brand colorway but then the shoe goes into a little further than that you have the 720 air unit here which is again the biggest air unit is used it before you have that air max branding that we see on the regular air max 720 and then you have the mixture of the Jordan logo right there,cheap jordan shoes, so I almost kind of see this as a collaboration between Nike and Jordans so this is like a Nike Jordan collab see here outsole seems to be really tough lots of nice rubber here it’s not too hard not too soft I can almost see someone hiking in these or just rocking these randomly now when we moved to the upper that’s when things get a little interesting so it has this sort of almost like a rip stop parachute sort of nylon feel to the upper to the textile now this is something that we’ve seen I believe this is the same stuff that they use on the react element 87 but instead of it being transparent its autonomously color of red here and that actually goes from the toe all the way to the heel the material is the same all the way through for the upper now they also have this strap here velcro strap that goes around to help keep you locked in in the back so the top Majan is gonna add a little extra lock down for your for your shoe if you need to be locked down these especially if you want to take these hiking that little extra lock down in the back is obviously nice real quick small design note here that they have the Jordan Wings logo here it’s not the actual logo it’s like an outline of the logo there to add a little bit of Jordan history to it then you see they have a big bright jump man there and then actually when you open this up you’ll see here at the heel right for the heel pool is they have a jump male level there and then they repeat the zero zero zero to three Jordan logo there on the strap that keeps the velcro that keeps the velcro locked inside now moving to the inside of the shoes take a look at this one here .

you see have what they call like a neoprene liner like a meal preen sockliner here so the tongue even though we have a tongue here it’s attached to like the neoprene sock liner and it actually snaps in giving you a little bit of separation here if you need that up well I guess when you’re putting on your shoes or pulling up a little bit there but again here they have more of that Jumpman branding where it’s jump man inspired jump man I can’t a second get in there let’s see jump man inspired by greatness designed for flight taking on that whole flight suit sort of mentality you see that there then the inside again has that neoprene sock liner ,cheap jordan 11,where you just kind of slide your foot in and I believe I don’t think you’re gonna have an issue with this one and maybe that’s why they added that snap there now that I think about it to help open that up so that you can slide your foot right in you know how sometimes when you have like that neoprene that one booty fit sometimes it’s hard to get your foot inside but here this opening is already wide enough I believe just to get pretty much anybody’s put in there but if you grab the heel and the tongue tags you’ll be able to kind of pull that open a little more to give you a little extra room to get in there now the the sock liner is attached .

you can’t pull it out although it is pretty loose which allows this like ripstop nylon upper to kind of like flow freely around the rest of the shoe which gives a very interesting vibe here and see if I reach all the way inside yeah it’s loose all the way around except for down here at the toe where it seems like it’s so it’s so din down here at the toe but just this section right here which is very interesting now they have some coordinates here I’m have to look these up actually you guys to let me know what they mean here it’s a 45 5:07 North 120 to 827 West my thought I’m just guessing here that that’s the Nike campus I don’t know but just if you guys know what that is so 45 5:07 north one twenty two point eight to seven West so if you guys know what that is let me know down in the comments below and then finally we have zero zero zero two three right there again and then we have the name of the shoe the proto 720 there again with the plus so obviously the plus I believe refers to the airmax unit at obviously as this is the largest airmax unit that they have offered and then for the heels here you see Jumpman and then zero zero zero two three kind of hammering home mat two three obviously which is a big number when it comes to jordan brand and they’re you know just a quick look at the outsole .

so overall i think the shoe is very interesting so what i’m gonna do right now i’m gonna give you guys just a quick on foot look at these just to kind of see what see didn’t give you a chance to see how they look on feet i think this is gonna be a very interesting shoe and i really want to see what people think about these let me know down in the comments below and I think I’m excited that Jordan Brand is doing something different that they’re looking outside of the box they’re looking outside of the traditional retros a lot of times we always complain about Jordan Brand not doing something new something,cheap jordans, innovative something that’s totally different from what we know them for and I believe this is it this kind of carries on that outside the box sort of feel when it comes to Jordan Brandon really pushes the envelope for what we expect from the brand and I’m pretty excited about that I like that look I like that feel anyway but that being said as always guys I’m Jacques Slade make sure you like favorite and subscribe and if you really really really like what you see here why don’t you go ahead and turn on the notifications as always I appreciate you and I’ll see you soon peace alright let’s do this all feet.

DS 2008 Nike Air Jordan Collezione Countdown Pack

DS 2008 Nike Air Jordan Collezione Countdown Pack

I actually through ten dollars in three times for total thirty bucks for a raffle for 2002 deadstock Danny Koopa Nike Dunk ESPYs and I won and that’s awesome because I don’t think I will ever own a pair of desktop Danny coupe was especially being a Nike SB guy wearing Blazers right now but you know they’ve done other raffles a biggie B’s they did a whole bunch other stuff and you know I throw down at every raffle just because there’s a chance you know I mean like 25 bucks to win something that might be worth 200 or more dollars you know why not you know some people will like when the raffle is just immediately resell some people will keep like what I did with the soup was like those are those are just very important shoots me so as I’m sure you saw by the title of the video up there this is an unboxing for the entire Nike Air Jordans countdown pack from 2008 there are 11 of these empty boxes over in the corner I didn’t want to take up time opening all those boxes but I haven’t opened any of the countdown packed yet I don’t know which ones are which but my entire course from this trip it’s filled with empty boxes and all these common ester over here and I love them so this is going to take some time a little background on the countdown pack if you’re not aware you probably should be if you’re watching this video but um and when they released the to the 23 in 2008 every month after that they did in January every month after that they release a count on back what they did was they took few of the Jordan and for example like they put a pack of the twos and 21 together so they all added up to 23 which is you know just a cool idea so they did that and you know someone had never been retro before I think the six teams and seven teams had never been retro before so I mean that was pretty important what they want was a lot of flats the colorways believe me you know they’re not anything else like I’m just very excited and then thank you that magnetism for for being able to provide this you know collection so I’m going to jump right in right away so I’m going to grab that’s one so this is how they come this is the over box jumping out on top of this you lift it up .

where I’m left with you and then you have the pact with my god and you open them up and these right here and it looks like up these are the sevens and that means that the other ones will probably be the sixteen yeah cool so I’m going to I’m just going to open Watson show you guys so here’s the seven I can get it out seven these are called hair just probably just like the seven they release besides these these a lot of bold colors this is probably the only non black red or white colourway or gray in in the entire pack but that’s what’s out of order they were just the borrowed term from my other video cube rainbow but they’re not I mean whatever and here’s the 16 top fell off here got that cover thing on them I was a little bit yellow from a normal so once against them is 16 I think what it looks like how these are all put together is that like an art color in a light color just kind of like a leaf .

so we’ll find out as we go along coming how to come hot gotta get that one down there’s no one up I don’t want to achieve it I’m going to have to synthesize on the bottom so this is the 21 of the two here’s the point one I do really like this one one I just think about the bombs are what I think of the coolest very texture very cool looking it’s very soft shoot bang bang in there so the tubes free basic contrast from from the other ones play their way from black and do it up to – your Jordan thing on the tongue whoop I can’t read it upside down what’s the heck is NAB Raj go there’s that one flips back in your home fell up businesses he with the be okay .cheap jordan shoes, now this twenty20 and the ones very excited about the one I just always like to run so here’s the one mmm very cool this entire packet size 12 which is my size and this power bag is desktop I don’t know holla where you do the loop pretty cool back these you can clearly tell the the newer LeBrons we’re inspired by the bottles on this which is fine these are an extremely underrated Georgian lighting and I think these always have looked cool I’ve never had a pair of myself make their extremely underrated there might be my favorite pack until I get to feelin this is a 12 so IDs all came in randomly so I just like unbox them just look inside them but I put them over over to my right just kind of in no particular order so just coming out as they are this is a nine these are really cool . there’s a nine that means that these are the 14-foot you sign away really clean lines on stitching is probably the most prevalent on the use of all the Jordans in my opinion so for teens none out the way then you they’re almost like perfectly square but not really you have to kind of like yes which can they go it .

I’m not taking them now kind of them try to signal based on how close are we these are the five lace lock little yellowing on the bottom normal and trace on the side and the 18 got a little brush here you can forget a weirdo these are probably one of the more like flashy releases in life and look suede is really nice on here and look at that alright again the work this is fact MV 18 got into the box right the first time what’s this one these have been sitting in our it up in a way I just got the last five today they’ve been taking their sweet time getting here which is you know I’m no one’s fault stuff you tell us and touch them at all times not really held up it just takes a while to get here anyway easily eight pretty crazy they always have like a weird better looking stuff on them guys are pretty neat that means due to phenomenal math skills that these are the fifteenth I really like fifteen not a huge fan of these fifteen is ridiculous I like the bottoms on the 15th ,cheap jordans for sale,I think this is cool kind of shame when they actually award a lot because you can tell they wear off it comes I think they want to kind of real futuristic with those with the fifteen came out right down keep going keep going guys Danielle the rivers lot in this movie you five more these are right here look here’s the 1919 czar pretty cool take these all velcro there’s the night just like new feet outdoor chair material on it I do remember correctly the 19th have those really thin like in latest these for these are dope these are awesome boards are probably between force and 11 for my favorite Jordan I really like the these are cool these are really really cool it’s going to be hard not to wear so cool I’m really happy with the 11-12 aren’t showing up yet because a lot could get those bees that much more fun for me what happened I have a fan of a limit is twenty two threes .

I guess these are the twenty this stressing saw plays are weird I had a pair of the quick strike play they’re not ugly they’re just kind of weird dressing to the ankles I’m uncomfortable not got a lot but then again I’m not the greatest best ball player in the world and I say that being used abroad and Oh black cement these these are cool two fours and threes right in a row whoa baby these are cool these are really really cool all right get in there Sigma guys it was the end of the 20th and the three funny thing is I’m moving in like a month ago so I got these not even looks pretty I got these and I’m even gonna ship them out this is what go so lift this one yes work that down oh okay ,cheap jordan 11,so these are pride 6 vs 6 of 17 these are the Carmine’s fixes not huge fan of these I’m not really huge on when you work together these are these are cool these are not as well as needed I won’t have anticipated it would be but I’m in a cool and here are seventeen seventeen has this like peel-off thing on the sides here top yes placed locks still there it is a cool the cover thing on the laces those dad yeah these are very like robot looking like you’d wear them on the room you would a robot to where the robot wore shoes which would be pointless because why would a robot need shoes .

Auctmarts Fairings Review 2018 – CBR600RR 2005

Auctmarts Fairings Review 2018 – CBR600RR 2005

so we got most of them unwrapped and unboxed so far so good quality and paint is close to perfect for the red I was really expecting a duller red but they came through with what I wanted and then just a regular glossy black the tail I didn’t notice it was very very very small specks of black know if the camera will pick that up but right there but nothing to be worried about it all and then time to unbox the tank and the two side panels but overall very happy so one thing I did notice when it comes to the holes is that they’re not all uniform which is to be expected I think it’s from the paint drawing but the holes are not all uniform.

so you’ll definitely have to drill but I think that was expected that is going to look really good notice another little imperfection or is it see this what look like white little specks again not very noticeable and for what I paid I’m not complaining I see that hole right there looks like a rectangle what a quick Dremel should be fine where was that little piece I didn’t like oh yeah see it’s not that important if I can’t even find it so that is the tank tank looks good packaging ,yamaha r1 fairings,I would say it was definitely did a really good job cuz that’s what the old fairings are gonna go into I’m gonna keep all this packaging right down what’s what keep it nice and clean oh look a little dent in the tank right there that’s gonna be one of them out of all places I don’t know if you could see that again not the end of the world no real issues small very very minor little things like the paint covering the holes a very small little dent right there like the size of a I would say a lead pencil and so I’ll definitely see.

if I can get some kind of discount for that but other than that once they go on the bike is gonna look great came with the bolt kit the double bubble windscreen and then want to get them ceramic coated on Sunday keep you guys updated I would say the disassembly was pretty easy under 40 minutes om is usually easier,cheap motorcycle fairings, this is the shop that I got them coated at decided to get them coated do some research while they were still new turned out great the beating effect is crazy and they’re gonna stay new for a while since I only ride on nice days I definitely wanted to get my helmet done at the same time so that way .

I’m not constantly worrying about bugs on my visor scratching the gold visor that I got I was the helmet reassembly was definitely tricky took two times like two different days as it was very long and all the holes didn’t line up this is the final basically ,cbr500r fairings,what it looked like after everything I think it turned out great quality impressed with could have been better when it came to the fitment but it’s to be expected always go through eBay since you are protected as a buyer I was able to get some discounts because of that little nick on the tag plus some other stuff so if you guys have any questions let me know

After Green to White Wicked Fairings

After Green to White Wicked Fairings

alright guys so there’s gonna be a couple things I’m gonna recommend once you take off your original OEM plastics you’re gonna have to make sure you get all the screws and bolts out of each of the original fairings and then also you’re gonna need these basically what it is is a rubber grommet and then on the backside it compresses all right so these are your rubber grommets let’s see that’s what they look like all my fairing bolts right in here I’ve got these ones go to the bottom fairing zip if you’ve taken apart bikes a lot of times you can do this if not I would put it on a big sheet and organize it these clips right here how they work is there’s a circle on the top so if you see that circle it’s gonna be like that that’s how that’s how you’re gonna put put it in and then once it’s in you press this in it expands this section right here and then it gets stuck into the plastic and then it holds the plastics together and you can also categorize the bolts that you have for example these are the exterior fairing bolts these are gonna be the ones that you visibly see on the outside of the bike for me this thicker Bowl is gonna go on the bottom left and right fairing towards the back end where the pegs are these,yamaha r1 fairings, for example go to like the fairing headlight assembly in the front end so just organize your bolts and make sure you know where they go example a fairing doesn’t stick or it doesn’t want to stick I’m gonna go ahead and take this clip out and then show.

you what you guys do all right so here we have the east side this is the this is the side panel of the bike I’m going to show you guys what you need to do if for example the fairing just doesn’t clip in right or you didn’t put it in the right order and it doesn’t want to stay what you can do is get this double sided tape so this is just for an example okay and then what you’re gonna do is stretch it like that and then apply it where you need it to be rub that area down with rubbing alcohol just hold that down tack ,cbr500r fairings,it down and then just hold that there apply the bearing down and hold it for a second just hold that down for a bit and then hold it until it cools off and then it should stay Shin.

it’s going to be another one of these clips so you’re gonna have that clip and then just put it in then press down with like a screwdriver or something that has great so there you go also getting in the peddle grip which is basically this belt for looking stuff measure up to the size you have these clip these snap-on sections it’ll have a ring like that and it’ll just click into place ,cheap motorcycle fairings,so make sure you put those in the right sections that they need to be someone needs to go here line it up and then put these velcro pieces in the sections that you need if you need to you can put a good X for a sharpie and you can play some of the exact same spots and it is imperative that you wipe this off and rub it off with rubbing alcohol you need that surface as clean as possible obviously with CB ours you can like change that whole cover cap for the gas tank but a bunch of other bikes can’t do that so what I’m gonna be doing is actually vinyl wrapping this green tank [Applause] maybe facedown [Laughter]

Bruk av boolske operander i søk

Bruk av boolske operander i søk

Boolske operander (tegn) brukes for å spisse søket i søkemotorer. Jeg bruker her Google som eksempel, men disse virker omtrent på samme måte i andre søkemotorer.

  • Tegnet + ligger automatisk i søkemotoren dersom du bare skriver to ord i søkefeltet. For eksempel oppfattes fjelltopp Notodden som fjelltopp + Notod- den. Søkemotoren henter ikke bare sider med begge ordene i, den vil også finne de nettsidene som bare har ordet fjelltopp, og de sidene med bare ordet Notodden. De nettstedene som er mest besøkt, vises først i funnene.
  • Frasesøk gjøres med bruk av anførselstegn. Du søker da etter nettsteder der to eller flere ord forekommer i en bestemt sammenheng. «Så har me juksa litt»78 gir et mer avgrenset søk enn så + har + me + juksa + litt. Anførsels- tegn leter opp sider som har den eksakte setningen i seg. I noen fag er det fraser som går igjen, som sitatet «Learning by doing» av pedagogen John Dewey.79 Ofte kan det være lurt å søke på slike kjente fraser for å finne ressurser i faget.
  • Et minustegn (–) betyr at du vil utelate noe fra søket. Det kan være at du vil finne frem til en hundesykdom, men ikke vil ha svar for en spesifikk rase: «HD på hund – schæfer». Da utelates svar med hunderasen schæfer.
  • Å søke på navn kan være en utfordring. Mange personer har samme etter- navn, derfor bør du alltid undersøke hvilke kombinasjoner som finnes av navnet du søker. Det kan være smart å bruke frasesøk, men vær klar over at et søk på «Alexander Bell» utelater sider som refererer til Alexan- der G. Bell. Og det kan være uheldig, ettersom den kjente oppfinneren heter Alexander Graham Bell. I tillegg kan navn ha forskjellige stavemåter. I pedagogikk brukes mye en russer med navn Vygotsky. Hans navn kan også staves Vygotskij.
  • Google og andre søkemotorer bryr seg sjelden om store og små bokstaver. Søk på London eller london gir samme svar. Søkemotorer overser tegn som !? og små hyppig brukte ord.
  • I dag kan det være svært interessant å finne hashtags (#), på norsk kalles disse emneknagg. Disse brukes til å kommentere og merke innhold på nettet. Det brukes både som et digitalt stikkord og som en kommentar. Ved å bruke for eksempel #hortenlove (emneknagg for profilering av byen Horten) vil du finne alle sider med denne emneknaggen.
  • Google har en del spennende forhåndsdefinerte funksjoner (operatører) som du kan bruke alene eller sammen med andre søkeord. Det finnes mange, gjør selv noen søk på «search operators» for å finne flere.
    define:konsept. Google leter opp definisjonen av ordet «konsept».
    filetype:PDF. Dette gir filtypen du søker.
    related: [adressen til et nettsted]. For å finne et tilsvarende nettsted.
    – Skriv direkte inn volum og måleenhet for å konvertere tall og måleen-
    het – eksempelvis miles (engelske mil) til kilometer, eller ounces til liter.
Hvordan bygge en god presentasjon?

Hvordan bygge en god presentasjon?


Dette er et utdrag av boken Digital studieteknikk - hvordan lære i informasjonssamfunnet. Utdraget er hentet fra del 3 Å presentere.


Det mest utbredte presentasjonsverktøyet i Norge i dag er nok PowerPoint. Programvaren har rukket å bli 30 år, og den er både hatet og elsket. Vi vet at en presentasjon med PowerPoint hjelper deg til å holde deg til tema. Lys- bildepresentasjonen er din rettesnor og inneholder noe visuelt for å hjelpe publikums forståelse. Prikkpunkter hjelper deg med å huske poengene du skal dekke. Men lysbildene bør ikke dekke alt i din presentasjon. En lite planlagt presentasjon kan faktisk undergrave talerens gode intensjoner, og svært ofte skjer dette når foredragsholderen bruker lysbildene som manus. Overfylte lysbilder med store mengder tekst blir en barriere for god kommu- nikasjon. Du er der for å snakke om noe du kan, og lysbildene bør ikke være ditt manus. Dette er en svært viktig distinksjon som mange ikke har forstått: Du må gjerne ha et manus, men det er altså ikke presentasjonen din. Vi har dessverre blitt vant til en «PowerPoint-kultur» der taleren mer eller mindre er frakoblet fra publikum fordi denne har mer enn nok med å lese sine egne lysbilder. Men det er ikke programvarens skyld at brukeren gjør feil – det er jo bare et verktøy. Selve lysbildepresentasjonen er en god krykke for mange, både foredragsholdere og publikum. Programvaren kan være et fantastisk hjelpemiddel om den brukes riktig.

“If you can drop o  a printout of your deck and it works just as well without you, you have not created a presentation. You have created a handout. If your audience can get your content without you there, ask yourself why am I here?” Nic Lindh, Death by PowerPoint 200


Planlegge innholdet

Når du skal planlegge innholdet anbefaler jeg at du gjør det analogt på papir eller tavle først. Mange mennesker tenker bedre med en penn i hånden. For dem virker den analoge tilnærmingen stimulerende på kreativiteten. Ikke er det støy med disse verktøyene, heller – ingen pling av meldinger som kommer inn. Personlig bruker jeg en stor whiteboard-tavle på kontoret mitt. Der bruker jeg både Post-it-lapper og tusjer i mange farger. Man kan miste oversikten om man begynner rett i programvaren. I planleggingen kan du tegne et storyboard, et tankekart, en tidslinje eller skrive en disposisjon. Vi er alle forskjellige, men det er viktig å planlegge. Da får du lettere en rød tråd, og du unngår en rotete fremstilling. Vi har ovenfor sett på Mayers prinsipper for multimedia (du finner dem her). Det følgende er erfaringsbaserte punkter, som du kan ta med deg som tips.

• Fortell en historie

Det overordnede budskapet kommer tydeligere frem hvis det blir fortalt som en historie. Dette kan være utfordrende til å begynne med, men når du tar beslutningen om å  finne historien i innholdet, kan du bli overrasket over hvor lett det er både for deg og for tilhørerne. Planlegg overskriftene dine; de er ryggraden i fortellingen din.

• Fortellingen din kan inneholde mange historier

De beste foreleserne kan fengsle studentene med gripende personlige beretninger om en bestemt hendelse eller med morsomme historier. Dette gir tilhørerne noe å «henge kunnskapen på». Vitenskap kan synes å være tørre fakta, men bak hvert faktum eller vitenskapelige funn og teorier lurer det en fortelling. Jeg har tidligere i boka snakket om min mors utvidede hukommelse i form av hennes kokebok. Jeg har også forklart hvordan min sønn lærte seg ord ved å leke med språket, som å sage brød. Disse historiene er billedliggjøring av «traurig» teoretisk teori. Det er ikke sikkert du klarer dette hver gang, men med øvelse blir du  inkere. Ta en prat med venner og studiekamerater, kanskje de har noen gode ideer.

• Skriv et manus

Siden poenget med en lysbildepresentasjon er at den skal illustrere det du skal si, må du la manus dirigere presentasjonen, og ikke motsatt. Du skal vite hva du skal si, og så skal du tenke over hvordan du kan illustrere dette best. Husk at manus må følge en god oppbygging for fortelling med en begynnelse, midt og slutt. Pass på at publikum setter pris på hvert lysbilde og ønsker å vite hva som kommer på neste.

• Begrens tekst på lysbildene

Ikke ha skjermbilder fulle av kulepunkter. Å overøse publikum med informasjon fungerer mot sin hensikt. De får mindre med seg. Konsentrer deg om noen få, men viktige poenger. Detaljer kan du gi ut på eget ark på slutten av presentasjonen. Lysbildene er ment å supplere fortellingen din. Hold deg til bare noen få ord per lysbilde.

• Innhold og design er viktig

Et godt innhold er en svært viktig betingelse for at presentasjonen skal bli god, men det alene er ikke nok. Mange irriterer seg over tekst og bilder som flyr inn og spinner ut. I tillegg er det lett å miste tillit til fagkunnskapen din om du ikke klarer å ha en konsekvent stil gjennom hele presentasjon. Det betyr at om effektene, bildene, fontene og fargene ikke bidrar til å forsterke budskapet ditt, så bidrar det til å forringe det. Enkelt er vanskelig for deg, men publikum verdsetter det. Enkelhet betyr mer omtanke og planlegging fra din side fordi du virkelig må vurdere hva som skal tas med, og hva som skal utelates.

• Bruk gode bilder

Bilder er et utrolig kraftig verktøy. Et bilde sier mer enn tusen ord, og det underbygger tekst og tale. Vi husker bedre bilder enn tekst. Senere vil de huske bildet, og så vil informasjonen som kom muntlig sammen med bildet, dukke lettere opp i minnet. I praksis betyr dette at du må bruke mye tid på det visuelle, mange forstår ikke hvor viktig dette er. Om du er avhengig av Internett, må du ta høyde for at teknikken kan svikte deg midt i presentasjonen. Jeg unngår å hente nettsider underveis i et foredrag. Jeg tar alltid skjermbilder av det jeg vil vise, og bruker aldri tid på å vente på nettet. Skal jeg vise en  film i en presentasjon, laster jeg også denne ned i forkant.

• Øv på historien din

Du må kunne sto et godt nok til ikke bare å formidle det som står på lysbildene, men også til å svare på spørsmål. Det blir veldig synlig om du ikke kan innholdet godt, og det oppleves pinlig både for deg og for publikum. Det er altså ikke bare å bygge en presentasjon, du må også øve på den, gang på gang på gang. For å få sagt det du hadde tenkt på den tilmålte tiden, må du øve på tid. Det kan være lurt å ha de første minuttene ordrett på papir, for det er da du er mest nervøs. Snakk forståelig. Å bruke avansert fagterminologi og spre om seg med anekdoter og detaljkunnskap gjør folk forvirret, eller enda verre: De føler seg dumme. Prøv heller ikke å være morsom, publikum er gode på å gjennomskue dårlige spøker.

• Unngå for lav energi og å lese fra et manus

Vet du at du har en tendens til å snakke lavt, må du øve på hvor høyt som er normalt å snakke i en forsamling. Sliter du med å vite hvor du skal plassere hendene dine, må du gå gjennom scenarioet i hodet og bestemme deg for hva du skal gjøre. Slike ting er en viktig del av hele presentasjonen, og det må øves på.

• Møt tidlig opp

Skal du gjøre en virkelig god presentasjon, bør du være ute i god tid. Det gjelder både med å lage presentasjonen og med å møte opp der du skal snakke. Da har du mulighet til å rette på noe om tekniske problemer skulle oppstå, og du får tid til å gjøre deg kjent med dem du skal presentere til.

Hva er Sway?

Hva er Sway?

Sway er en ny måte å fortelle historier på. Det er ikke en blogg, det er heller ikke en PowerPoint eller en Publisher – det er noe helt nytt. Det er en Sway 🙂 Jeg har laget min første ved hjelp av iPhone og app på den. Jeg valgte å tenke undervisning – du kan velge å levere en multimodal tekst 🙂 som innlevering. Sway er det du vil at den skal være. Du kan sende en lenke til din Sway – her har jeg embedde den inn i en blogg. (Pst! du blar /sveiper nedover 😉 )

Skrive raskere? Snakk inn tekst i Google Docs

Skrive raskere? Snakk inn tekst i Google Docs

Alle som har en Google-konto har tilgang til Google Docs. Har du ingen Google-konto anbefaler jeg deg å lage deg en (se video om hvordan). Dette er gratis, og du får også tilgang til en rekke andre nyttige Google-verktøy, 15 GB gratis lagringsplass og egen YouTube-kanal, for å nevne noe.

Tale til tekst: Nå har Google Docs også kommet med en smart «tale til tekst»-funksjon!

Se kort demonstrasjon i videoen under, der et Google-dokument er åpnet i nettleseren Google Chrome:

  1. Du må bruke nettleseren til Google, altså Google Chrome.
  2. Du må lese høyt og tydelig, men forbausende mye blir rett.
  3. Det er noen ord funksjonen ennå ikke kan, så du må følge med på teksten som blir skrevet. Men ha tålmodighet, den retter også seg selv!
  4. Funksjonen er litt avhengig av din nettforbindelse. Har du tregt nett bruker den lenger tid på å skrive inn og synkronisere.

Husk at Google-verktøyene blir flinkere og flinkere for hver dag som går. De lærer mens du bruker dem. Lykke til!​

Sjekk også ut Magnus som viser hvordan Siri brukes på iPhone og iPad.

IFTTT – Hvis gjør så!

IFTTT – Hvis gjør så!

En av de kuleste web2.0 applikasjonene som finnes på nett er Her kan du automatisere masse prosesser. For eksempel så har jeg en prosess som sier at “hvis @mhagelia liker en Twitter-melding så lagre den i Google-dokumenter”. Slik tar jeg vare på masse bra materiale 🙂

I tillegg har jeg en annen funksjon “hvis ,no kommer med en ny bloggpost så send ut en Twitter-melding om dette” Genialt – jeg slipper å jobbe! 🙂

Ok hvordan funker dette?


  1. Lag deg en konto på
  2. Legg til alle dine sosiale medier
  3. Lag automatiske prosesser

Litt lenger versjon:

Når du kommer inn ser det slik ut. Du får tilbud om ferdige prosesser. Merk: disse virker ikke før du har koblet til alle dine jordan 11

Legg til tjenestene dine.

 Velg services.

Klikk på det mediet du vil koble til.

 Her legger jeg til Tublr (klikk Connect og legg inn din innloggingsopplysninger)

 Jeg liker best å sette opp den automatiske tjenesten selv. Da velger du New Applet

Klikk “this” som betyr ca “hvis” (her: en trigger)

 Velger du nå Twitter

Jeg velger da en melding på Twitter som jeg liker

Klikk så på that som betyr ca “da skal dette skje”

Jeg velger å ta vare på Twitter meldingen i et nytt notat i Evernote

Jeg har flere appletter som du ser under:

Og se der – plutselig kom dette blogginnlegget på Twitter 🙂 :

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