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Maintenance How To Remove The Fairings Of Your 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3

Maintenance How To Remove The Fairings Of Your 1998 Honda CBR 600 F3

all right everybody warned on an x-ray today I’m going to show you how to take the plastics off of your of a 1998 CBR 600 f3 all right first things first get your flat-head screwdriver you come right here next to the oil dipstick this black circle and you stick your screwdriver in there and switch it to open that’s oh yeah should just be coming up like that then you just go ahead and start pulling it off and needless to say be careful of the plastic tab there’s no actual screws that hold us in hold the sim there’s a little tab right there I think that one’s broke off on the Sun but you just you normally just get a screwdriver or something push that down and then pull it out the tab right right here come down each night Ricky doing this one and then it just pops off just like that after you got that in a safe place or it’s not going to get any scratches on it you get your size 5 Allen getting right through that sighs buff I’m not sure whether it’s metric or what but come right up here to this the sky this Gil piece right here and start undoing these bolts undo this and this bolt then once ,yamaha r6 fairings,you got those bolts out um as you can see it’s busted off right here I didn’t that’s not from the crash that’s from the previous owner.

I guess he didn’t really take his time to figure out how these couple things came off I just but normally you’d lift up and pull out but in this case just swings right out has a two hinges right there on the inside just go in there yeah and that comes away uh and then after that’s out of the way you can start doing undoing all these little um size five Allen screws all right here um that are in here and there’s quite a few of them there barely on there but first before you take those out you need to come down the bottom right here behind the front tire and get your screwdriver again and undo this screw which is a little hard to get in here and that pretty much just comes out with one two turn that’s like a special really weird-looking kind of screw and set that aside make sure you keep that plastic washer on it ,r1 fairings,so doesn’t scratch them okay so now you take your one two three drop for set these aside and now up six right up here about six and seven right up there at the tongue she’s got all seven of the screws out with the little lift there’s two plastic tabs right up here at the seal and I think T right here as well so be careful not to break those not like the these plastic tab but they’re just like like the ones that go in here just little extensions .

so you come off just like that that’s what I’m talking about those little tabs right there and you got your side piece and one half naked bike see this 0um normally have a bolt right here and another one on the other side as well but I took them out because they have a has a plastic clip so it doesn’t really as you can see it doesn’t really need the bolts and they’re just a big pain the bolts were so to get the seat off you know flat head and you can’t see that can just reach in here push in the plastic piece once you pop on you just pull this back and up and then your seat comes off and then here’s your battery right here take these two bolts out not just flips up here’s the compartment ,2015 r1 fairings,where your owners manual and tools would normally would be but you can put whatever you want in there as well and now at this point once you get the seat off all you have to do is repeat these steps on the other side except for this middle piece.

you can leave it halfway attach it off to you can if you want but I don’t I just leave it attached to one side I leave the bolt right here on this side in um so that just stays attached it makes it makes it easier when you put it back on already having this on here,cheap motorcycle fairings, all right on the other side now I already got this and the seat off and this off this piece right here so now one last little boat a little gentle pulling make sure you get that as the kickstand still got the centerpiece on it and congratulations you have just taken the fairings off of your 1998 Honda CBR 600 f3

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