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this past weekend I had the pleasure of going to Charlotte North Carolina for the NBA all-star weekend and while I was there good folks over at Jordan Brand dropped off a small little package for me at my room so of course I wanted to share it with you guys and this is actually something that I’m pretty excited about I’m not exactly sure how it is going to be received because it is so different than what we expect from Jordan Brand but that’s kind of why I really like it because it is so different as sneaker heads we often kind of get in a in a phase where we like what we like and it’s always something that we’ve kind of seen before but this shoe breaks that mold something entirely new so with that being said let’s jump right inside now I don’t know if this is the retail box but it does get more of like a sportswear vibe which kind of actually fits with this shoe as you see here it says jump man on the front then it says zero zero zero and then it says 23 and then you have that same sort of number and logo around the box and then the box is just a regular brown and black but it does have these plus signs which is not something that we usually see on a Jordan box now based on this tag this is just a promo pair this is not necessarily the retail box or retail tag for that matter but this is a promo tag just so you know there so let’s take a look inside and then again here on the Box Jumpman zero zero zero two three inspired by greatness designed for flight if that doesn’t kind of tell you what the shoe is maybe it does maybe it doesn’t but let’s hop right into it here we go now we actually got a preview of this back in September or October .

I think it was this is the Jordan proto max 720 I think they’re officially they’re officially calling it yet the Jordan proto max 720 as most of you guys know let me take both these out of the box here 720 is Nikes new air technology that they’ve been doing that baby and it’s taking more of like a sportswear slant as opposed to a performance slant the 720 is really purely a lifestyle offering from Nike and in this case a lifestyle offering from Jordan brand and you see that on this sneaker so a couple of things first obviously the red and black is a traditional Jordan Brand colorway but then the shoe goes into a little further than that you have the 720 air unit here which is again the biggest air unit is used it before you have that air max branding that we see on the regular air max 720 and then you have the mixture of the Jordan logo right there,cheap jordan shoes, so I almost kind of see this as a collaboration between Nike and Jordans so this is like a Nike Jordan collab see here outsole seems to be really tough lots of nice rubber here it’s not too hard not too soft I can almost see someone hiking in these or just rocking these randomly now when we moved to the upper that’s when things get a little interesting so it has this sort of almost like a rip stop parachute sort of nylon feel to the upper to the textile now this is something that we’ve seen I believe this is the same stuff that they use on the react element 87 but instead of it being transparent its autonomously color of red here and that actually goes from the toe all the way to the heel the material is the same all the way through for the upper now they also have this strap here velcro strap that goes around to help keep you locked in in the back so the top Majan is gonna add a little extra lock down for your for your shoe if you need to be locked down these especially if you want to take these hiking that little extra lock down in the back is obviously nice real quick small design note here that they have the Jordan Wings logo here it’s not the actual logo it’s like an outline of the logo there to add a little bit of Jordan history to it then you see they have a big bright jump man there and then actually when you open this up you’ll see here at the heel right for the heel pool is they have a jump male level there and then they repeat the zero zero zero to three Jordan logo there on the strap that keeps the velcro that keeps the velcro locked inside now moving to the inside of the shoes take a look at this one here .

you see have what they call like a neoprene liner like a meal preen sockliner here so the tongue even though we have a tongue here it’s attached to like the neoprene sock liner and it actually snaps in giving you a little bit of separation here if you need that up well I guess when you’re putting on your shoes or pulling up a little bit there but again here they have more of that Jumpman branding where it’s jump man inspired jump man I can’t a second get in there let’s see jump man inspired by greatness designed for flight taking on that whole flight suit sort of mentality you see that there then the inside again has that neoprene sock liner ,cheap jordan 11,where you just kind of slide your foot in and I believe I don’t think you’re gonna have an issue with this one and maybe that’s why they added that snap there now that I think about it to help open that up so that you can slide your foot right in you know how sometimes when you have like that neoprene that one booty fit sometimes it’s hard to get your foot inside but here this opening is already wide enough I believe just to get pretty much anybody’s put in there but if you grab the heel and the tongue tags you’ll be able to kind of pull that open a little more to give you a little extra room to get in there now the the sock liner is attached .

you can’t pull it out although it is pretty loose which allows this like ripstop nylon upper to kind of like flow freely around the rest of the shoe which gives a very interesting vibe here and see if I reach all the way inside yeah it’s loose all the way around except for down here at the toe where it seems like it’s so it’s so din down here at the toe but just this section right here which is very interesting now they have some coordinates here I’m have to look these up actually you guys to let me know what they mean here it’s a 45 5:07 North 120 to 827 West my thought I’m just guessing here that that’s the Nike campus I don’t know but just if you guys know what that is so 45 5:07 north one twenty two point eight to seven West so if you guys know what that is let me know down in the comments below and then finally we have zero zero zero two three right there again and then we have the name of the shoe the proto 720 there again with the plus so obviously the plus I believe refers to the airmax unit at obviously as this is the largest airmax unit that they have offered and then for the heels here you see Jumpman and then zero zero zero two three kind of hammering home mat two three obviously which is a big number when it comes to jordan brand and they’re you know just a quick look at the outsole .

so overall i think the shoe is very interesting so what i’m gonna do right now i’m gonna give you guys just a quick on foot look at these just to kind of see what see didn’t give you a chance to see how they look on feet i think this is gonna be a very interesting shoe and i really want to see what people think about these let me know down in the comments below and I think I’m excited that Jordan Brand is doing something different that they’re looking outside of the box they’re looking outside of the traditional retros a lot of times we always complain about Jordan Brand not doing something new something,cheap jordans, innovative something that’s totally different from what we know them for and I believe this is it this kind of carries on that outside the box sort of feel when it comes to Jordan Brandon really pushes the envelope for what we expect from the brand and I’m pretty excited about that I like that look I like that feel anyway but that being said as always guys I’m Jacques Slade make sure you like favorite and subscribe and if you really really really like what you see here why don’t you go ahead and turn on the notifications as always I appreciate you and I’ll see you soon peace alright let’s do this all feet.

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