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DS 2008 Nike Air Jordan Collezione Countdown Pack

DS 2008 Nike Air Jordan Collezione Countdown Pack

I actually through ten dollars in three times for total thirty bucks for a raffle for 2002 deadstock Danny Koopa Nike Dunk ESPYs and I won and that’s awesome because I don’t think I will ever own a pair of desktop Danny coupe was especially being a Nike SB guy wearing Blazers right now but you know they’ve done other raffles a biggie B’s they did a whole bunch other stuff and you know I throw down at every raffle just because there’s a chance you know I mean like 25 bucks to win something that might be worth 200 or more dollars you know why not you know some people will like when the raffle is just immediately resell some people will keep like what I did with the soup was like those are those are just very important shoots me so as I’m sure you saw by the title of the video up there this is an unboxing for the entire Nike Air Jordans countdown pack from 2008 there are 11 of these empty boxes over in the corner I didn’t want to take up time opening all those boxes but I haven’t opened any of the countdown packed yet I don’t know which ones are which but my entire course from this trip it’s filled with empty boxes and all these common ester over here and I love them so this is going to take some time a little background on the countdown pack if you’re not aware you probably should be if you’re watching this video but um and when they released the to the 23 in 2008 every month after that they did in January every month after that they release a count on back what they did was they took few of the Jordan and for example like they put a pack of the twos and 21 together so they all added up to 23 which is you know just a cool idea so they did that and you know someone had never been retro before I think the six teams and seven teams had never been retro before so I mean that was pretty important what they want was a lot of flats the colorways believe me you know they’re not anything else like I’m just very excited and then thank you that magnetism for for being able to provide this you know collection so I’m going to jump right in right away so I’m going to grab that’s one so this is how they come this is the over box jumping out on top of this you lift it up .

where I’m left with you and then you have the pact with my god and you open them up and these right here and it looks like up these are the sevens and that means that the other ones will probably be the sixteen yeah cool so I’m going to I’m just going to open Watson show you guys so here’s the seven I can get it out seven these are called hair just probably just like the seven they release besides these these a lot of bold colors this is probably the only non black red or white colourway or gray in in the entire pack but that’s what’s out of order they were just the borrowed term from my other video cube rainbow but they’re not I mean whatever and here’s the 16 top fell off here got that cover thing on them I was a little bit yellow from a normal so once against them is 16 I think what it looks like how these are all put together is that like an art color in a light color just kind of like a leaf .

so we’ll find out as we go along coming how to come hot gotta get that one down there’s no one up I don’t want to achieve it I’m going to have to synthesize on the bottom so this is the 21 of the two here’s the point one I do really like this one one I just think about the bombs are what I think of the coolest very texture very cool looking it’s very soft shoot bang bang in there so the tubes free basic contrast from from the other ones play their way from black and do it up to – your Jordan thing on the tongue whoop I can’t read it upside down what’s the heck is NAB Raj go there’s that one flips back in your home fell up businesses he with the be okay .cheap jordan shoes, now this twenty20 and the ones very excited about the one I just always like to run so here’s the one mmm very cool this entire packet size 12 which is my size and this power bag is desktop I don’t know holla where you do the loop pretty cool back these you can clearly tell the the newer LeBrons we’re inspired by the bottles on this which is fine these are an extremely underrated Georgian lighting and I think these always have looked cool I’ve never had a pair of myself make their extremely underrated there might be my favorite pack until I get to feelin this is a 12 so IDs all came in randomly so I just like unbox them just look inside them but I put them over over to my right just kind of in no particular order so just coming out as they are this is a nine these are really cool . there’s a nine that means that these are the 14-foot you sign away really clean lines on stitching is probably the most prevalent on the use of all the Jordans in my opinion so for teens none out the way then you they’re almost like perfectly square but not really you have to kind of like yes which can they go it .

I’m not taking them now kind of them try to signal based on how close are we these are the five lace lock little yellowing on the bottom normal and trace on the side and the 18 got a little brush here you can forget a weirdo these are probably one of the more like flashy releases in life and look suede is really nice on here and look at that alright again the work this is fact MV 18 got into the box right the first time what’s this one these have been sitting in our it up in a way I just got the last five today they’ve been taking their sweet time getting here which is you know I’m no one’s fault stuff you tell us and touch them at all times not really held up it just takes a while to get here anyway easily eight pretty crazy they always have like a weird better looking stuff on them guys are pretty neat that means due to phenomenal math skills that these are the fifteenth I really like fifteen not a huge fan of these fifteen is ridiculous I like the bottoms on the 15th ,cheap jordans for sale,I think this is cool kind of shame when they actually award a lot because you can tell they wear off it comes I think they want to kind of real futuristic with those with the fifteen came out right down keep going keep going guys Danielle the rivers lot in this movie you five more these are right here look here’s the 1919 czar pretty cool take these all velcro there’s the night just like new feet outdoor chair material on it I do remember correctly the 19th have those really thin like in latest these for these are dope these are awesome boards are probably between force and 11 for my favorite Jordan I really like the these are cool these are really really cool it’s going to be hard not to wear so cool I’m really happy with the 11-12 aren’t showing up yet because a lot could get those bees that much more fun for me what happened I have a fan of a limit is twenty two threes .

I guess these are the twenty this stressing saw plays are weird I had a pair of the quick strike play they’re not ugly they’re just kind of weird dressing to the ankles I’m uncomfortable not got a lot but then again I’m not the greatest best ball player in the world and I say that being used abroad and Oh black cement these these are cool two fours and threes right in a row whoa baby these are cool these are really really cool all right get in there Sigma guys it was the end of the 20th and the three funny thing is I’m moving in like a month ago so I got these not even looks pretty I got these and I’m even gonna ship them out this is what go so lift this one yes work that down oh okay ,cheap jordan 11,so these are pride 6 vs 6 of 17 these are the Carmine’s fixes not huge fan of these I’m not really huge on when you work together these are these are cool these are not as well as needed I won’t have anticipated it would be but I’m in a cool and here are seventeen seventeen has this like peel-off thing on the sides here top yes placed locks still there it is a cool the cover thing on the laces those dad yeah these are very like robot looking like you’d wear them on the room you would a robot to where the robot wore shoes which would be pointless because why would a robot need shoes .

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