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After Green to White Wicked Fairings

After Green to White Wicked Fairings

alright guys so there’s gonna be a couple things I’m gonna recommend once you take off your original OEM plastics you’re gonna have to make sure you get all the screws and bolts out of each of the original fairings and then also you’re gonna need these basically what it is is a rubber grommet and then on the backside it compresses all right so these are your rubber grommets let’s see that’s what they look like all my fairing bolts right in here I’ve got these ones go to the bottom fairing zip if you’ve taken apart bikes a lot of times you can do this if not I would put it on a big sheet and organize it these clips right here how they work is there’s a circle on the top so if you see that circle it’s gonna be like that that’s how that’s how you’re gonna put put it in and then once it’s in you press this in it expands this section right here and then it gets stuck into the plastic and then it holds the plastics together and you can also categorize the bolts that you have for example these are the exterior fairing bolts these are gonna be the ones that you visibly see on the outside of the bike for me this thicker Bowl is gonna go on the bottom left and right fairing towards the back end where the pegs are these,yamaha r1 fairings, for example go to like the fairing headlight assembly in the front end so just organize your bolts and make sure you know where they go example a fairing doesn’t stick or it doesn’t want to stick I’m gonna go ahead and take this clip out and then show.

you what you guys do all right so here we have the east side this is the this is the side panel of the bike I’m going to show you guys what you need to do if for example the fairing just doesn’t clip in right or you didn’t put it in the right order and it doesn’t want to stay what you can do is get this double sided tape so this is just for an example okay and then what you’re gonna do is stretch it like that and then apply it where you need it to be rub that area down with rubbing alcohol just hold that down tack ,cbr500r fairings,it down and then just hold that there apply the bearing down and hold it for a second just hold that down for a bit and then hold it until it cools off and then it should stay Shin.

it’s going to be another one of these clips so you’re gonna have that clip and then just put it in then press down with like a screwdriver or something that has great so there you go also getting in the peddle grip which is basically this belt for looking stuff measure up to the size you have these clip these snap-on sections it’ll have a ring like that and it’ll just click into place ,cheap motorcycle fairings,so make sure you put those in the right sections that they need to be someone needs to go here line it up and then put these velcro pieces in the sections that you need if you need to you can put a good X for a sharpie and you can play some of the exact same spots and it is imperative that you wipe this off and rub it off with rubbing alcohol you need that surface as clean as possible obviously with CB ours you can like change that whole cover cap for the gas tank but a bunch of other bikes can’t do that so what I’m gonna be doing is actually vinyl wrapping this green tank [Applause] maybe facedown [Laughter]

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