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AIR JORDAN 33 Hands-On Sneaker Reveal

AIR JORDAN 33 Hands-On Sneaker Reveal

I know you’re not afraid of our mission to shave the future fly close your eyes what are you afraid of are you scared of the unknown scared of your own journey towards greatness five four three two one please approach the Air Jordan 33 yo yo yo hey guys jacques slade here and welcome to the launch of the air jordan 33 as you guys know the jordan signature line started in 1985 and we’re already on the 33rd model there’s a couple things that you should know about this model that really set it apart from the models of the past first is the way that they set up the cushioning so there’s a zoom plate here at the toe and there’s a zoom plate here at the heel as you can tell by the red lines that this is a full max zoom unit and the here at the heel they have a hexagonal unit usually these two units are glued into the shoe but this time they’re actually set loose what they call unlocked so you’ll feel them be a lot more responsive and they’ll move with you when you move through your movements another thing about the cushioning is that the flight speed returns generally this was first called flight plate back on the Air Jordan 28 but from the 29 I believe in the 38 31 32 and obviously the 33 they now call it flight speed it is still the same technology this time they actually added more carbon fiber to it which makes it a little bit lighter but also makes it stronger so it’s a little more resilient and responds a lot more with your foot .

the next big thing about the shoe is actually the lacing system as you can tell there really are no laces on the shoe well technically there are no laces on the shoe not in the traditional way that we think about shoe laces they’re using what they call the fast fit system,cheap jordan 11, if you know about golf golf uses this system called BOA where you tighten your shoe and it has these chords that tighten the shoe around your foot Jordan Brand is using that same principle but bringing it to basketball and this is the first time I’ve seen that’s executed in basketball and the way that you basically tighten the shoe with the fast fit system is you pull this cord and you will physically feel it and you’ll also audibly hear clicks that let you know the shoe is getting tighter and tighter if you want to visually see your shoe getting tighter you basically have to look at the bottom if you’ve seen the advertisements about the Air Jordan 33 they show a watch and that’s what this looks like when you tighten it it clicks around in a circle and you’ll see it tightening up around your foot now if you want to eject from the shoe or unlace your shoes you follow the instructions on the shoe .

they have a sign here that says eject that points to this yellow and black looks like a warning almost like a paracord so basically you pull that and you feel it click and it releases your foot and releases the tension and you’re able to take your shoe right off something that is different about the 33 that you usually find with the Jordan line is a sense of luxury generally the materials on the upper the way that the shoe is crafted it tells a story of being luxury but that story isn’t present here with the Air Jordan 33 what they’ve done is they use basic materials that give more of a performance advantage than they do the luxury advantage so this upper is just a thin textile the suede that you hear,jordan 11 china, I have here on the sides on the tongue and on the heel tab that’s just a synthetic suede the leather here at the heel is just synthetic leather and the leather piece that grows across the top that’s just synthetic leather as well going with the retro models of the air jordan line for the past 31 into 32 they had inspiration from the air jordan one in the air jordan to a lot of people.

expected this shoe to have some inspiration from the air jordan three but we don’t see that well not really we see it a little bit this tongue is big like the tongue on the air jordan three although it’s not exactly inspired by the air jordan three we see the nike air here on the heel which is also something that we saw on the air jordan three but it’s not something that is directly taken from the air jordan three if that makes any sense now pricing wise these are going to be a hundred and seventy five dollars here in the US globally there’ll be a hundred and eighty five dollars China in Asia they’re actually going to get the first release of the air jordan thirty three there’s going to be a jade colorway that’s going to release there and then we’ll get them here in the States on the 18th again they’ll be a hundred and seventy-five dollars which is a ten dollar price drop from last year when the shoes were one hundred and eighty five dollars overall the shoe is definitely a divergent it’s a fork in the road for Jordan brand it’s not what we usually see from Jordan Brand ,cheap jordan 11 low,it’s something that kind of breaks the mold of what we’ve seen with the past and that’s really what Jordan Brand is knowing for going outside the box being innovative and creating styles that can play on the court as well as off the court with this model I think it’s going to get a little bit more shine off the court I saw some people walking around today wearing the shoe just casually and it actually looks really nice so it’s something that you may find that’ll be a part of your library as always guys I am Jacques Slade were live from the Jordan 33 launch here in LA I appreciate you if you love this video make sure you like favorite and subscribe and if you really like what you see once you go ahead and turn on your notifications as always guys I appreciate you and I’ll see you soon peace .

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