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Full Custom Boondocks Jordan 11’s

Full Custom Boondocks Jordan 11’s

all right so guys I’m a little sick yeah it’s a gross but it will not stop me from bringing you guys great content today so this is your boy sarado back at you one more time again and we’ve got a new video with a new show this time I know even get a little stagnant lately with the you know do a lot of Space Jam a lot of you know DBZ stuff which I will have another one unfortunately for you later but that’s for a celebrity so this time it’s okay we do a little repeat but for today’s video we are going to be doing a special pair of Boondock 11s okay that is one of my favorite shows by Aaron McGruder way back in the or maybe not way back but back in the day for me anyway you know I said and I just love that show I love the the the characters I love the the the satire the you know the jokes the parodies all of it it was perfect except for last season was a quest perfect but I couldn’t do it another one.

I would have watched I should bring that back but for today’s pair we’re going back to a more simpler version of how I used to do these kind of customs well you know a little bit like a pair of the Tokyo ghoul avatar DBZ Elevens I did weigh like two three years ago another simple like color rush type of pair for this one and hopefully you guys will like it so drop a like stick around watch the next couple of videos click the links don’t click the link do all of that don’t do any of it ,cheap jordan 11,it’s all good but I’ll catch you guys at the end of video so stay tuned all right so now that I found my rest of materials and got all that situated I’m gonna go ahead and clean these shoes off as they’ve been heavily worn before now and I’m gonna clean the treading the soles with our Angela’s easy cleaner.

if you’d like to buy something that’s the link is down below in the description then I’m gonna tape up our midsole and soles and go ahead and lay it out our first few layers of adhesion promoter now I’m going to sort through the reference materials that I picked out as I probably don’t want to use all of these and then I’m gonna go ahead and cut them down to fit our shoe I may need to resize some of these so I’ll go ahead and do that too then I’m gonna use these outline masks to lay down the outline of our characters and then I’m gonna go ahead and tape those off spray down my background and move on to the finer details. tell me what you like bitch I’m living life now I’m gonna go ahead and lay in our facial details and go ahead and start painting as I like to finish each character one by one it gives me a nice finished feel every time I get through one I love in case I want to take a break yourself makes me feel like I finished something. tell me what you like bitch I’m living life.jordan 11 china, also you’ve got to be careful as you’re going about these pieces as constant heat will actually shrink these lace holes here and make it real hard to get your laces back in so be careful with the heat you’re applying you.

now I’m gonna clean up the edges of this patent-leather here and any other trim sections that may still need to be blacked out or completed and I’m gonna go ahead and remove our masking tape check the edges there too as well as the bottom side of that might need to be touched up as well now I’m gonna go ahead and move on to our soul dies well as we’re gonna get rid of these dirty yellowing icy bottom sort of icy bottoms souls that come on the legend’ Elevens and give them a nice black soul that will never go away ,cheap jordan 11 low,I recommend you pad off any extra soul die left over after you’re done to speed up the drying process then I’m going to go ahead and redo all of our line work clean up our piece. so subscribe here to stay up to date with all my works and click the links over here to make sure you watch any of my previous works you know catch up on something you missed or just find something new also to purchase your own custom is you know righto calm.

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