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MT-07FZ-07 Race Fairings Installed!! FZ-07 Rebuild Part 6!!

MT-07FZ-07 Race Fairings Installed!! FZ-07 Rebuild Part 6!!

what’s going on guys welcome back to the channel Eric here good to be back today we have two main goals first trying to get this bodywork mounted on the old f07 and then use some of these two by fours build ourselves a little paint booths looking over the bodywork mostly looks pretty nice there’s a lot of body lines kind of hard to tell the inflection of the a lot of body lines that need to be cleaned up should be too bad once you get primer sanding some body filler but overall the quality food from Andy’s pretty good should we do bad foot on the bike should be pretty quick let’s get back to it let’s get to work check it out you guys so I managed to get the tank and the tail installed like any set of fairings a little bit of finagling to get it perfect but overall looks pretty good these lions are pretty nasty but like usual sanding will clear it all up she looks pretty good so the next thing we’re gonna do we get the front frame installed but before we put it on the bike with the windscreen on so it’s a twenty fifteen to eighteen r1 windscreen then one thing I don’t have currently is this little guy right here this guy sits in the front and you forget to 71 once you be in the mail soon greatest angle on there so let’s get this one screen on so we get this front fairing installed ,cbr 500r fairings,let’s get back to it check it out you guys we got the fairies installed looks pretty darn good can’t complain pretty good fitment overall there’s a few places that do some trimming nothing too major if you will move it trimming under in this side as we’ll miss the frame and then usually I wouldn’t hang the bottom fairing until I got this one installed there’s no actual guide as to where this needs to mount and given that I’m missing the one dowel in here to mount this I could only do one side of the time so I went ahead and just mounted this when this was off the bike a bit of a pain but it was alright so next thing we’re gonna do aside from setting up the paint booth is start cleaning up all these lines on the fairings because there’s a lot of them.

so we’re gonna clean up all the lines on the fairings get them sanded down and then after we get this thing primed in you know I will start you at the base coat etc but first we need to get going on this paint booth so let’s get to it [Applause] check it out you guys so we managed to get the skeleton of our paint booth in the garage done it’s pretty simple simple little skeleton nothing crazy nothing fancy we do have a couple 20-inch fans one for the blowing air in one for pulling the air out we got some filters with that and then we’ve got some plastic sheeting go over the top of this so be a quick little paint booth and then whenever we paint the rx-8 we’ll make it a little bit longer,2006 gsxr 600 fairings, so we can’t fit the entire car in there but for now since all we’re gonna do is paint this little guy this should work just fine essentially everything is 8 by 8 by 8 so the next thing we need to do when you get the sheeting on when you get the box fans in place so we start priming these fairings so let’s get back to it check it out you guys we got the paint booth more or less set up now we got all the sheeting done next thing we’re gonna do hang some lights in here across the side to actually see what’s going on in here what would paint and that’ll be it for this episode and then after that the next episode we’re gonna start standing on the bike so we get it primed finally we get a prime we’ll get base coat on there clear coat etc so that’s come along pretty nicely doesn’t she look pretty hello and the last two think we’re gonna do can put a two fans right here once we’re in air and one for out air anyways let’s get these lights up let’s get back to it check it out .

you guys we’re gonna get the lights hung in a little paint booth nothing crazy nothing too fancy should be enough light though to get us get us started with priming in base coat clear coat etc overall it’s been a good day alright guys that’s it for today ,cheap motorcycle fairings,we we’ve had a pretty productive day we’ve got our paint booth up we’ve got lights installed managed to get our fairing is installed on a bike in the next episode we’re going to start prepping the bodywork for primer base coat clear coat etc so stay tuned for that if you like what you see go ahead and like subscribe and share throw any comments down below that you might have recommendations on painting and as always thanks for watching

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